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Aurel Doda 
Photographer and storyteller

Experience based on wedding photography and videography, as well as Postproduction of different themes. I started doing photography when I was 17, working in my family's wedding studio. I live the story of each couple as if it were the first, despite the 12 years of experience. What inspires me in my work is to convert moments from each story into important memories, whether in marriages or any other area of my clients' lives through my camera. In my view, photography does not consist of freezing time in a frame, but rather in reliving the past by capturing the essence of each moment and character.
Aurel Doda.


Reonald Ziu 

Reonald Ziu


In theory I do nothing, but I practically come with 3 years of experience in busting my balls off, as well as one more year of experience in giving unconditional love. The first 3 years as a troublemaker were terrific for me, but I’m not certain these fellas share the same view. I appreciate it’s not common for humans to be loved without putting an effort, hence I always thrive to give my best when they come back home.


Ahh… I almost forgot. I also help my colleagues explore new locations for photoshoots, and guess what? I’m pretty damn good at it. As a child I disappeared often, and they all had to search for me all over the country while I was minding my own business.


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